Xiaomi Mi Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 1080p Set

S/ 349.00

MPN: 28990

  • Color: Blanco
  • Garantía: 12meses

Mi Wireless Outdoor

Security Camera 1080p*


Easy wire-free installation

 High-resolution monitoring


IP65 dust and water resistant*

Stable and reliable even in tough weather


130° wide viewing angle

 Capture wider area in high resolution


90-day long battery life*

 5700mAh large battery, automatically records abnormal activity


PIR human detection

7m detection distance, real-time alerts sent to your pone


Wire-free installation, 3-step easy pairing

  1. Open the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app.
  2. Scan the QR code on the indoor receiver through the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP to pair the device.
  3. Scan the QR code on the outdoor camera through the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP to finish pairing.


Capture clear details of outdoor conditons in FHD

130° wide angle

1080p resolution

F 2.1 large apertura

7m night vision distance*

One indoor receiver supports up to four outdoor cameras, for simultaneous recording


130° wide angleWider angle, larger área

Capture more with the 130° wide angle and see what's happening


WDR technology + Smart night visión

Clear images in dark and backlit settings

With WDR technology and F 2.1 large aperture, the camera can record clear detailed images even in the dark and backlit settingsNight vision distance up to 7m*, displays the outdoor environment clearly at night


One indoor receiver can support up to 4 outdoor camerasFour cameras recording at the same time, with no blind spots

Multiple cameras can operate at the same time and record every corner around the house from any angle.You can check images of four cameras on your smartphone at the same time, and and you can also tap one image to check the details, keeping an eye on your house from anywhere.


Reliable monitoring day and night


IP65 dust and water resistance

Reliable in hot and cold weather

Anti-theft design

Low motion sensitivityBattery life approx. 5 months


Suitable for warehouses, garages, etc. Average number of triggered recording is about 5 times a day.



Medium motion sensitivityBattery life approx. 3 months


Suitable for passageway, front gargen, etc. Average number of triggered recording is about 20 times a day.



High motion sensitivityBattery life approx. 0.5 - 1 months


Suitable for shops, streets and other public settings. Average number of triggered recording is about 100 times a day.


Anti-theft designReal-time alert sent to your phone in case of suspicious activities

The camera features an anti-theft screw structure and a built-in gyroscope. If abnormal activity is detected, a real-time alert will be sent to your phone.


Smart protection, convenient viewing

Human detection

Intercom voice changer

Independent indoor receiver

H.265 video encoding


PIR human detectionReal-time alert in case of abnormal activity outside

Starts recording and sends notifications if an unexpected temperature change and unusual activity within 7m are detected.Smart human detection, real-time alert.


Display camera video output on your Mi Smart Clock, smartphone and Tablet

Smart control with voice, simply ask your Mi Smart Clock to show real-time video output from your camera*

Más información
Mpn 28990
Fuente de alimentación 5V 2A
A prueba de agua
Con sensor de movimiento 1
Ángulo del lente 130°
Con visión nocturna
Con audio bidireccional No
Con reducción de ruido No
Codificación de vídeo H.265
Con vídeo en vivo